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Solar parks for business: the essentials to know

Solar parks for business: the essentials to know

04. Feb. 2024


Solar parks are the best for business.

Why? Because, unlike private homeowners who are at home in the evenings and mornings, businesses are most active when solar panels are producing and electricity can be consumed immediately. Solar energy that is consumed immediately is the most cost-effective.

What should you know if you are planning to install a solar park for your business?

Read below!

Our expertise in installing solar panels for business

Before we share this useful information with you – why are we writing about installing solar parks for entrepreneurs?

We at Energrid Ltd have been providing full-service solar panel solutions for all types of buildings and areas for years. From planning, design and financing to installation, supervision and connection to the grid. Work toThe validity is confirmed by 4 ISO certificates obtained by EnerGrid Ltd.

With our extensive experience and highly certified technicians, we are able to provide some of the most efficient solar panel solutions on the Baltic market. Our clients include companies and organisations such as CSDD, T/C “Origo”, “Mikrotik”, Dr. Mauriņa clinic and others (see below for more information).

In the last 2 years, we haveinstalled solar parks with a total capacity of 23.4 megawatts (MW), and currently have projects with a total capacity of around 140 MW in various stages of development. That’s why what you will read below comes from our own experience.

Now let’s get down to business – the most important information for you.

Business benefits of solar parks

Solar panels are usually installed to cover part or all of a company’s own electricity consumption. But that’s not all! The most common benefits of installing a solar park correctly:

1. 70% lower costs.

Over the next 25-30 years, the company pays 30-70% less for electricity.

2. Increased competitiveness.

Solar self-consumption increases independence from changing energy prices. This increases competitiveness in a rapidly changing market.

3. Signal to partners.

The EU and the developed world have plans to become climate neutral in the future. Solar energy is an opportunity to care for nature today and join the ranks of progressive companies. This has a positive impact on the company’s reputation with customers and business partners.

4. EECS certificate.

As a green energy producer, you can obtain an international EECS certificate that can be sold or cover your CO² footprint.

5. Reducing CO² emissions.

To generate 1kWh of electricity, coal emits 975g CO², gas 600g CO² and solar panels 50g CO². The solar park helps reduce the company’s CO² emissions.

Once we’ve identified the biggest benefits, we’ll turn to the issues you care about. We hear them often during our free consultations.

Frequently asked questions about installing solar parks


Solar parks are a serious step for business. That’s why you might have one of the following questions in mind.

How long will it take to pay off the solar panels?

The average payback period is 6-7 years, but this depends on the solar panel system your company has installed, your electricity consumption, the current cost-effectiveness of electricity generation and other factors.

Which companies find it most profitable to install solar panels?

Those with the highest (or highest percentage of) electricity consumption during the day. This allows the electricity generated by the solar panels to be consumed immediately, which is the most efficient way. And for those whose calculations clearly show that the existing electricity costs are much higher than they would be if solar panels were installed.

What are the financing options for solar parks?

The Solar Park can be fully financed by you, as well as by a number of bank and non-bank financing options, including the possibility to apply for an Altum Capital Allowance.

What is an EECS certificate?

This is a certificate valid in the European Union, certifying that your company generates electricity from renewable natural resources. With this certificate you can cover your CO2 footprint or sell it.

There are many factors that influence the cost-effectiveness of your solar park, so only calculations and expert advice will allow you to make the best decision.

Solar parks for business: the installation process

You have realised that solar energy could be the solution for you and you are planning to start building a solar park. What are the steps to make a solar park work?

Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Consultation and planning

We find out your company’s annual self-consumption, the possible location of the solar park, go on a site survey and calculate the return on installing the solar park. We find out what documentation you need to install a solar park, discuss financing options and help you choose the right one for your business. We tell you all about the Altum Capital Allowance and make sure you can apply.

2. Design

Designing a solar park. Looking at your needs, we design only your solar energy system (SES) or do other work. These include,

design of switchgear and transformer substations, cables and overhead lines up to 35 kV; design of lightning protection, earthing and surge protection systems and other Energrid design services.

3. Construction of a solar park

This is usually the shortest of the stages. Our certified, knowledgeable installers install the solar park according to the project. If other construction work is needed, we will carry it out in the appropriate order.

4. Testing, networking

Once the solar panels are installed, the inverters need to be tested and connected to the grid, and proper documentation needs to be provided.

5. Solar Park starts producing!

Your solar park is finally generating cost-effective electricity and you are enjoying lower and lower electricity costs.

If you apply for an Altum Capital Allowance, please note that you will receive a Capital Allowance
after installation
We will help you to create and submit your application, but please note that this will require you to work with your accountants and other specialists if necessary. This can be useful for planning human resources and their workload.

Solar parks for business: experience stories

Below are a few of our customers’ experiences installing solar parks.

125,1 kW solar park on flat roof, Dr. Mauriņš Clinic


Dr Mauriņš Laser Medicine Clinic in Mežaparks, nominated for the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award, is one of the most modern laser medicine and vein treatment clinics in Europe. It serves thousands of clients a year, with its skilled doctors using world-class technology every day. The designers, DIDRIHSONS ARHITEKTI Ltd, took great care in its creation.

So it was a logical step to provide the clinic with a modern, green and renewable way of generating electricity – solar power. The EnerGrid SIA or team carried out the complete solar park development process from A to Z, installing a 125.1 kilowatt (kW) solar park.


The project was completed in 2023. At the end of August, the solar panels at Dr Mauriņš Laser Medicine Clinic are already generating electricity.

As the centre operates mainly during daylight hours, it can generate electricity in the most cost-effective way – when the sun is producing it.

Therefore, the electricity generated by the solar panels is expected to cover a significant part of the clinic’s annual electricity consumption.


Not only does it provide electricity in a modern, environmentally friendly way, but it also contributes significantly to the clinic’s mission to provide a world-class service at an affordable price for everyone.

410 kW solar park on flat roof, T/C Origo


As part of its sustainability strategy, Origo Shopping Centre has invested more than €435,000 in a state-of-the-art rooftop solar park. It is one of the first of its kind to be opened in the centre of Riga solar park projects.

The newly opened rooftop solar park at Origo has a total capacity of 410kW. Around 360 MWh of renewable solar energy will be generated per year, thus contributing to around 4.5% of the total annual electricity consumption of Origo.


“We are proud and pleased to implement this project in full, helping the award-winning Origo to further develop its sustainability strategy. So ambitious Creating a solar park in the very centre of Riga is a great investment in the future of both Origo and the city. “The EnerGrid team has worked in close cooperation with the management and specialists of the Origo shopping centre to ensure that the solar park is installed to the highest modern technical and safety standards.

We are confident that this project will not only help “Origo” to achieve its sustainability goals, but will also continue to set an example for other companies and organisations in Riga and across Latvia on how to integrate sustainability principles into their operations and daily practices,” comments Jānis Brikmanis, Member of the Board of “EnerGrid” Ltd.

More about this project

165 kW solar park on a pitched roof: farm “Dimzas” solar-parks-for-farming-energy-zs-dimzas


The solar panels installed on the Dimzas farm have even allowed the farm to increase its current electricity consumption. So solar panels have even been a tool for business development, not just for competitiveness.

The solar panels are installed in 2 locations, one of which has industrial solar panels and the other the elegant AllBlack solar panels.


In a year, the solar panels will generate 165 000 kWh of electricity for the farm “Dimzas”, with a total capacity of 165 kW.

The total investment in the project is almost €200 000.

61.4 kW rooftop solar park: LBTU Faculty of Food Technology


The Faculty of Food Technology of the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies – LBTU (formerly the Latvian University of Agriculture – LLU) is a modern food study and research centre in Jelgava.

In its 75 years of operation, the Faculty can boast more than 6000 graduates. Many of them have created well-known, innovative food brands (e.g. Rudolfs) and have made important contributions to world-class food research.

Innovation and continuous development are key values of the Faculty.

That is why the decision was taken to install a solar park with EnerGrid Ltd, so that the faculty could provide itself with modern, environmentally friendly electricity.

As the training takes place mainly during daylight hours, solar panels are an excellent solution as they allow the electricity generated by the solar panels to be consumed immediately. This makes the project particularly beneficial for the faculty.

EnerGrid SIA or provided full service for the installation of solar panels – design, installation, commissioning.

As a result, EnerGrid installed a 61.4 kW solar panel system with 135 panels on the roof of the faculty building in Jelgava, Rīgas iela. It will generate 58 622 kWh of electricity per year and reduce the “carbon footprint” by 27 547 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

This project will allow the substantial electricity savings to be invested in other growth- and innovation-oriented areas, further helping to strengthen the quality of the Faculty’s work in the long term.

The first step to a better decision – consultation

Just read the most important information about installing solar parks for business.

If you still have questions or want to take the first steps, book a consultation to find out:

  • precise considerations for installing solar panels, according to your company’s electricity consumption.
  • costs and investment options for installing solar panels.
  • how long it will take to pay off the solar panels.

And follow Energrid’s Linkedin page – where we regularly post the most important news about solar energy for business, as well as car charging, design, energy supply construction and storage solutions in Latvia.