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Industrial solar parks: the essentials to know

Industrial solar parks: the essentials to know

04. Feb. 2024

Industrial solar parks are an investment that pays for itself. What are the benefits of installing them, what are the steps involved in their construction, and who can install an industrial solar park in general?

These and other key questions are answered below.

Let’s start with the basics.

What are industrial solar parks?

Industrial solar parks are, most often, ground-mounted solar systems with high power output. In contrast to business solar parks, where the energy generated is consumed by the company itself, industrial solar parks are built with the idea of selling all or part of the electricity generated by the solar panels.

Who chooses to invest in industrial solar parks?

Most often it is an investor who sees the prospect of solar energy, a landowner with a large unused area (minimum 1 ha), or a business partner who has reserved electricity generation capacity. Of course, all 3 of these functions can be carried out by one person.

Why do people in Latvia choose to invest in a solar park? What are the benefits?

Benefits of installing an industrial solar park


Industrial solar parks are being installed for several benefits. Here are 4 of the most important benefits.

1. Solar Park as an investment

Industrial solar parks are an investment, not a purchase. Investing in a solar park offers a significantly higher return on investment than conventional investment.

2. Increased property value

A property that was sitting unused will now make you money! This is a great way to increase the value of a property that is not currently being actively developed.

3. Environmentally friendly

To generate 1kWh of electricity, coal emits 975g Co2, gas 600g Co2 and solar panels 50g Co2. If you also use the electricity generated by the park for your business, you will reduce your Co2 emissions. If you sell to nearby businesses, you will help business in Latvia to follow the European Green Deal.

4. Long-term returns

Solar panels come with a minimum 25-year manufacturing warranty – you’ll enjoy the benefits of your investment for decades!

Industrial solar parks: the steps to building one

Depending on whether you are an investor, a landowner or have reserved electricity generation capacity, the steps from the first idea to the industrial solar park will be different. So here’s what all three of you need to know – the build.

See the steps you will need to take to build your industrial solar park.

1. Solar park calculations

The first steps, once the territory has been identified, are precise calculations.

We create productivity simulations, return on investment and cash flow calculations.

They enable all parties involved to make an informed, rational decision on whether the projected return on investment is satisfactory. If yes, continue to the next step.

2. Designing the solar park

In this phase, certified designers create a precise construction plan for the industrial solar park, as well as for the power supply and electronic communication systems. Please note that you will also need a project for a medium-voltage or high-voltage connection.

During the design process, unforeseen issues may arise from national or local authorities which may lead to adjustments in the design. This is a normal process.

Once the design is complete, construction of the solar park begins.

3. Construction of a solar park

The park is being built according to the construction project. This step includes not only the installation of the solar panels, but also the delivery of materials to the site, the installation of ground stands (mounting systems), the installation of the inverters, as well as construction supervision.

Large-scale industrial solar parks usually require larger assembly teams working simultaneously in the field. So make sure that your construction partner will be able to provide it.

4. Connecting the solar park

Once the solar park is built, it is tested and connected. Your solar park starts generating electricity.

Energrid – partner in the construction of a solar park


Whether you are an investor, landowner or have booked power generation capacity, Energrid as a full-service energy company will be there for you, whether you are building a complete park or providing a single phase.

What customers find most interesting about our offer:

  • We provide a complete solar park design process, including connection to medium or high voltage.
  • We perform high-level pullout or tensile tests for structural strength calculations
  • The team is made up of experienced, certified professionals, from designers and installers to electrical fitters. We provide all services with our own in-house team, we do not outsource.
  • We manufacture metal structures for ground stands right here in Latvia, from high-quality metal.
  • We can drive earthen stand piles in record time – the new Turchi pile driving machines can do it in 33 seconds!
  • One of the TOP companies in solar energy in Latvia.

To find out more, book a free consultation with our experts.

Now let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions from investors, landowners.

Industrial solar parks: frequently asked questions


The most common questions people ask us during consultations are.

What are the criteria for investing in and building a solar power plant?

You must have the right to manage the property; the ability to build on it; and the ability to create a new or use an existing electricity connection. Make sure you have the option to reserve the power you want from your electricity supplier.

What investments are needed to build a solar park?

The average cost of building a solar power plant of 1MW or more is between €700 and €900/kW. For a more accurate estimate, book a consultation.

Have you, Energrid, already built a solar park?

Yes, we have built several solar parks with as much as 11 MW of capacity, and we are currently in various stages of construction for others that are even more powerful. See one of the solar parks built by Energrid. Below.

How much will I earn if I have solar panels on my property?

This depends on the total installed capacity of the solar park, financing and other criteria – our expert will tell you after assessing the property’s potential.

How much land is needed to install a 1MW solar power plant?

A 1MW solar park requires a 0.7 to 1ha plot.

Energrid’s 372 kW solar park project


“Benoise Energy” SIA’s location has a history that few in Latvia can boast. The first publication of this place on a map of the Riga area dates back to 1634. per year! Do you think that the owners of the “Benūži” house at that time could have dared to dream that one day solar heat (energy) could be converted into something else portable (electricity)?

We don’t know, but family, development and long-term thinking are the values that have remained the cornerstones of the place’s owners. That is why Benūžu Enerģija SIA is a family business, established as part of the family’s long-term investment strategy.

The owners of the company have seen for themselves the benefits of solar energy before. As private individuals, they had already been appreciating the benefits and possibilities of solar heat (collectors) for 8 years and electricity generation with solar panels for more than 3 years.


The idea for the solar park came to the owners before they were even aware of the impending geopolitical turmoil. This makes the decision to build a solar park a wise and well-considered one.

In order to realise the family business goals, a 372 kW ground-mounted solar park was created in cooperation with EnerGrid Ltd. or The idea and the goal were financially supported by the company’s financial partner AS LPB Bank.

“We are very pleased that with this investment we are also making a positive contribution to improving Latvia’s energy balance,” the owners of Benūžu comment with pleasure.


The industrial solar park is expected to generate 410 000 kWh of electricity per year.

Any questions? Contact us, we will help you!