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Energrid: Latvian energy company

“Energrid (formerly is a 100% Latvian energy company with a wide range of services. We are on the list of consulting companies of the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, officially registered in the Construction Information System (BIS).

We work to the highest standards – this is confirmed by the 4 ISO certificates obtained by SIA EnerGrid, as well as ISO 9001:2015, CE, and EN 1090-4 (TUV Nord) certificates obtained by SIA EnerGrid Steel.


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Energrid team

Energrid is a professional, knowledgeable and ambitious team that is focused on taking the company to ever higher levels of success, by making Latvia greener.

We believe that renewable energy is the key not only to financial benefits for our customers, but also to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Everyone in the Energrid team has the opportunity to learn and develop by working on ambitious and unique projects.

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Our values


We are a stable, reliable company, on the list of consultancy companies of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, officially registered in the Construction Information System (BIS), and we will be here 25 years from now.


We use the highest quality materials, offer a quality service, and each professional knows what they are doing. This is backed up by 4 ISO certificates.


We work quickly and efficiently so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of our services in the shortest possible time.

Green energy is not just a technology, it is a philosophy for a sustainable future, it is the next step in human development.

Best quality technologies

The biggest benefit for you

Energrid principles

We believe that an efficient energy solution is only effective when it has the greatest benefit for you – the customer.

Our approach is to ensure that every project is designed to the highest industry standards and takes into account the specific needs of our clients. This ensures both energy efficiency and the best possible economic return for you.

Energrid is committed to being at the forefront of energy solutions, contributing to a sustainable and upwardly mobile future for Latvia.

Because today, electricity is the basis for everything – from building a competitive business to living a comfortable everyday life.


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Energrid team