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Solar panel installation for private homes, businesses and industrial solar parks. One of the TOP solar park installers in Latvia.

About the service

Solar panel installation services for businesses and households. Construction of industrial solar parks.

From precise calculations to design, installation and connection to the grid, our team has the expertise to deliver a quality solution for you every step of the way.

Energrid solar panel installation services have already been chosen by more than 700 households across Latvia, as well as well-known companies and organisations such as Mikrotik, CSDD, Stokker, Dr. Mauriņš Clinic, RSU, LBTU.

Separately, we also design solar parks and distribute solar panels, inverters, solar panel mounts, and other components.

Completed projects




Solar panels for business: 125.1 kW, Dr. Mauriņa clinic

The complete solar park development process from A to Z, installing a 125.1 kilowatt (kW) solar park. The electricity generated by the solar panels is expected to cover a significant part of the clinic's annual electricity consumption. As the centre operates mainly during daylight hours, it can generate electricity in the most cost-effective way - when the sun is producing it. Not only does it provide electricity in a modern, environmentally friendly way, but it also contributes significantly to the clinic's mission to provide a world-class service at an affordable price for everyone.




Industrial solar park: 372 kW, SIA "Benūžu enerģija"

372 kW solar park on land for a family business. The idea and the goal were financially supported by the company's financial partner AS LPB Bank.




Solar panels for private homes: 12.74 kW ground system

At current electricity prices, this saves customers €2,153.34 per year.




Solar panels for apartment buildings: 13.65 kW

Result: most of the annual electricity consumption of the dwellings is covered.

Energrid advantages

Quality components

Premium quality All Black solar panels, hybrid inverters, batteries and fasteners direct from the manufacturer.

Calculations in your interest

When calculating the best solar park solution, we take your interests into account - so it's best for you. A bigger system does not always = better.

Choice you can trust

Reliable TOP solar panel installer in Latvia, chosen by citizens ( statistics) for solar panel installation with state support.

Full service, without intermediaries

Full service installation from A-Z with warranties. We also carry out certain stages of your construction project. You will also have easy access to customer service after installation.

Solar panel installation in 5 steps

1. Consultation

We find the most effective solution for your needs.

2. Design

We get all the technical approvals and regulations, we do the design.

3. Installation

Our certified specialists install the solar panel system.

4. Connecting to grid

We carry out adjustments and testing. We hand over the system to AS "Sadales tīkls".

5. Your profit!

Solar park is yours to use and profit from for the next 25-30 years.

Solar panels for private homes

If you are a private home owner, we will install quality solar panels on the ground or roof. We will help you with state aid, connecting to the net.

  • Solar panel system with hybrid inverter
  • State aid up to EUR 4000
  • TOP solar panel installer( statistics)
  • Full service installation from A-Z with warranties

Financial support for solar panel installation

Support for individuals. If you're interested in financial support options for business and industrial solar parks, please ask your consultant.

State support



Solar panels for businesses

Full-service solar panel solutions for all types of buildings and areas, providing the most efficient solar panel solutions on the Baltic market.

Reduce your electricity costs and increase your business’ independence from volatile energy prices.

  • Solar park planning, calculations
  • Designing a solar power station (SES)
  • Financing, help with Altum Capital Pass application
  • Installation, networking

Industrial solar panels

If you are an investor, landowner or have booked electricity generation capacity, Energrid can help you at different stages of development.

  • Simulation of yield, return on investment and cash flow calculations.
  • Design, including connection to medium or high voltage
  • Solar park construction – complete or in phases
  • High-level pullout or tensile tests for structural strength calculations

Energrid's mission - to provide affordable energy infrastructure for everyone in Latvia

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